Friday, September 28, 2007

Wood Biomass: The Next Greentech Energy Play?

Not long ago on this blog we recommended a little $10 million company called Green Energy Resources. It was a case of holding my nose and making the recommendation, frankly, because micro-cap stocks are simply a crap shoot, to be honest.

Now we have seen that this company is churning a profit, and has an actual business. But more interestingly, it's found a biomass energy niche that could pay big dividends down the road... if you're bold (or insane) enough to invest now.

The company procures and processes wood chips. Their kiln-drying procedure does something interesting, though: it gives the wood almost the same measure of energy output on a kilo-per-kilo basis as coal.

It also burns much cleaner than coal, and provides the world with a way to recycle the megatons of wood we throw away every year...

Right now the company is trading in a narrow band between 17 and 20 cents a share. If it breaks above 20, it'll probably be worth looking at taking profits on this position quickly. This is a speculation, and you never want to get TOO greedy with a speculation.

Indeed, green investors are no less bloody-minded about making money than their last-generation counterparts. We're forward thinking, not naive, right?

For more on what GRGR is up to these days, check out this article:

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