Friday, September 21, 2007

Evergreen Portfolio: Up 202%

Here's a quick update of the Evergreen Portfolio's performance numbers... They're looking good and with the latest rally, 85% of our positions are profitable. We're even making money on Starbucks. And as many SBUX shareholders will attest, that hasn't been easy to do lately.

Our total net return is 202% for the year, beating the S&P 500 by a mile. Meanwhile, we've done it with green investments that are, we feel, doing more to better the world than to harm it... and that includes the people living on this planet.

Here's the breakdown of our current portfolio:

* * * * *

As of September 20, 2007

BG +41.01%
GRGR.PK +0.00
KB +6.03%
KEP +0.49%
LDK +176.59%
NMR (-24.37%)
SBUX +2.67%

Net Returns: +202.42%
Share-weighted Return: 30.15%
Average Return: 28.91%
Percentage Winners: 85%

* * * * *

NMR Stopping Out?

We're close to stopping out of NMR, which would be a shame. If it can weather the storm for another week, I believe this company could pull ahead steadily for the long term. The Japanese and Asian banks in general have been slammed by the subprime problems, and with the potential for lessening volatility over time on that front, NMR could surge.

Jatropha: Our Next Green Play?

One other note: We're looking for the perfect play on jatropha right now. This is a weed that could become an important commodity in the rush to biofuels we're seeing around the world. Almost nobody's talking about jatropha oil, but it could be used to create biodiesel... and currently China's planning on planting millions of acres of jatropha, along with interests in Europe, Africa and even the U.S.

A friend and tremendous analyst -- who is a bonafide skeptic and former Morgan Stanley ace analyst -- tells me that jatropha has real potential to help the world (poor Africans can grow it in the dust fields) and enrich green investors, too.

When we find the perfect play, we'll add it to the portfolio if the numbers make sense.

More to come.


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