Thursday, September 6, 2007

Move LDK Trailing Stop UP to $49.36

Well, this is an exhilerating day. Not because the markets are doing anything special, but because we have the opportunity of locking in our first triple-digit stock winner in our Evergreen Portfolio.

Of course I'm talking about LDK Solar.

Right now the stock is trading down about 3% on the day at $53. In order to ensure that we walk away from this position with at least a 101% gain, we're going to move our trailing stop on LDK Solar up to $49.36. That means we'll sell the position automatically if it closes below $49.36 at any time going forward.

Meanwhile, our newest position -- the microcap GRGR -- is down 15%. But guess what. That's nothing for a microcap to move over the course of a few trading sessions. This is a rare beast: a microcap I consider more of a long-term investment than a trade.

At any rate, congratulations to us! We've locked in our first triple-digit winner in LDK, no matter what the market brings us from here.

But to be honest, I think this Chinese solar company -- armed with a bevy of recent high-dollar contracts and plenty of momentum -- has a ways to go yet.

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