Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One More Case for SRI

So far this year, the Vice Fund ETF (VICEX), made up of companies trafficking in booze, guns and other bad stuff, is up 6.68%. That's handily beating the S&P 500, up just under 3% for the year.

However, our Evergreen Portfolio is up more than 140% overall, and more than 24% on a share-weighted basis... including the losers.

My point is not to prove that sin stocks are bad. They can obviously be good investments.

My point is, you can beat them handily with well-chosen SRI and green investments every time.

If you have the choice, and you do, which would you rather be doing?


1 comment:

Chaoslillith said...

See, it is better to give into Green then give into sin hehe.

Thanks for posting this!!