Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LDK Solar Handing Us 201% Gains!

This is a milestone for our Green Investments blog. Our top solar energy play, LDK Solar, crossed the 201% return mark for us with the closing of today's session.

Let's take a quick look at how the stock has done versus the Oil and Gas Index since recommended in this space back in June:

What's the big idea here? Oil has been on a TEAR this year, crashing through the $80 level just days ago. Yet our solar play is destroying the oil and gas markets as a whole, and I daresay even the highest flying oil and gas stocks out there.

I know we're crowing a bit here, but this is reason to celebrate.

I admit, however, that a good deal of this is luck... That's the truth of the markets in the short term especially. But long term I think green energy plays like LDK Solar will continue, by and large, to outstrip their conventional rivals in the big profit game.

Good Green Investing,


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