Thursday, September 20, 2007

China Green Energy Play LDK up 164%

LDK Solar has resumed its surge and is now up 164% since we recommended it here at Green Investments. News that the Chinese solar-panel manufacturer has taken the bold step of deploying a silica-manufacturing plant nextdoor, and general strength in the sector, is helping the stock right now.

Also, European demand for solar is bounding forward, too. One other thing, this year alone the spot price of silica has risen some 30%. And this could represent the beginning of a very long boom in this material.

Since we've added the stock to our Evergreen Portfolio, it has smashed the performance of conventional energy plays such as Exxon, even through crude oil has soared to new historic highs recently, hitting $80 a barrel.

You might think that this must be because our "niche" green energy play is a small-cap, and therefore has more room to run? You might think we've latched into a tiny little company that's soaring on market-manipulations or insider buying? Nope. This is a $6.8 billion dollar going concern. A large cap by any standards, and perhaps one day an index company.

So to answer the question of whether green investing really can make you more money than conventional investing, let's go to the evidence... the chart of LDK since we've owned it, compared to the performance of Exxon during this historic runup in oil prices:

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