Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yingli Green Energy: The Hottest Green Energy Stock in China?

I've been researching what could be the hottest green energy play in the world right now... It's a Chinese company that trades as an ADR on a major U.S. exchange: Yingli Green Energy (NYSE: YGE).

This company's primary business is photovoltaics... the solar technology that converts sunlight directly into energy.

The stock has soared since IPO'ing about two months ago, up most than 100%.


But get this: YGE still has a single-digit PE ratio... has plenty of cash on the books... low debt... and it's still positioned right in the middle of the most important green energy movement on earth: the one just beginning to take off in China.

YGE: Ready to Clean Up the Most Polluted Country

As readers of this blog may know, China is the most polluted country on earth... It's paying for decades of double-digit economic expansion in the form of soot-covered cities... cancerous drinking water... birth defects... the list goes on.

And YGE could become an increasingly profitable recipient of the clean-up dollars that are already flooding the country courtesy of the government in Beijing.

We could be adding YGE to the portfolio soon as well.

More to come.


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