Monday, October 15, 2007

Ugly Markets... Gay Budgies... And Green Investments 1st Birthday!

What an ugly day for stock investors, green, red, blue, yellow or purple... we all felt the unsavory groping of volatility today, no?

Earnings were horrible for Citigroup, even by bank standards these days... Oil is closing at record highs, finally looking as if it might challenge the $100/barrel threshold that Jim Rogers has been talking about for some time.

(Jim Rogers, I've come to realize, is simply ALWAYS RIGHT. It's almost annoying how brilliant that guy is.)

Anyway, I just realized that our Green Investments blog here is almost 1 year old... It was born on Christmas 2006, and we're fast approaching the holidays again.

I know this because my sister in Rochester, NY, is officially preparing the most audacious party ever hosted there. I also know this because Andy Rooney was talking about how freakin' GREAT it is to shovel tons of snow on 60 Minutes this weekend.

I must say, it's been an extremely fun ride so far. The only real drawback is that my alternative-lifestyle budgies (named Chirpy and Tweety) have gotten the short end of the stick as I've spent evenings and weekends researching companies and markets for Green Investments.
Indeed, my man-budgies are, in their subtle way, threatening to pack up their tiny, parakeet-sized leather vests, their little Rob Halford records, captain's hats and chain wallets and finally break south for Key West...
My wife thinks I'm having an affair, but I try to tell her it's only with Al Gore, so no need to be jealous.


Sometime on or around Christmas Day we will reflect back on our year of investing... and tally up the numbers to see how we really are doing in our ongoing quest to beat the S&P 500 with nothing but true green investments.

It's been a wild one, filled with a horrendous market pullback this summer... a 10% drop in the Chinese equity markets hitting in ONE DAY... and of course a volatile rally that we're still in the middle of as I write.

I appreciate you being along for the ride. Please join us for the rest of the journey, spread the word and get our readership up so we can all be famous and rich together.

"Dirty Green" Update

The more I research the "Dirtiest Green Stock in America" the more convinced I become that we'll likely end up adding it to the portfolio on Thursday. More to come on this, but tune back in to confirm this recommendation.

It could be one of the safest, smartest and most lucrative income-paying stocks in the world right now... and we'll unviel it here in just three more days.



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