Monday, October 22, 2007

Our Green Investments Portfolio: Up 266%... Including Losers

Just for fun I've gone back and tallied up all our returns to date. I included both wins and losses (we've closed out two positions for losses so far).

For the Evergreen Portfolio (the blog's portfolio in other words) we are up 266.47% since inception on December 25, 2006. That's including two losers, of course.

During that same period, the S&P 500 is up about 6%.

Our stated goal all along has been to beat the S&P 500 with nothing but green investments. So far we are doing that. But we'll have to be vigilant to stay this far out ahead of the broad markets.

We've got two micro-cap positions that are volatile beyond belief. Both have great potential for huge gains (GRGR and D1 Oils). We've got volatile markets all around, in fact. So I might institute a very rangy trailing stop on either of these positions, or both. Something in the neighborhood of 50%.

Idiotic Sunday Afternoon Market Forecast Update:

I just wanted to quote, well, us from Monday morning before the session started:
"This week will be a humdinger. The markets will rally broadly across the board, with some significant intraday volatility all week, but with a closing tally that'll put a smile on our faces."

And if I may, I'll follow that up with a summation of Monday's session from the Associated Press. In an article headlines "Stocks End Volatile Session Higher" - ahem - they reported:
Wall Street finished a back-and-forth session higher Monday as investors overcame some of their nervousness about the credit markets and uneven earnings and found solace in the technology sector.

Okay, we've been right for one whole day. Tune in to see if our prediction for the week holds up!

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