Monday, October 22, 2007

Our Green Energy Resources Position Jumps 18.75%

This morning, the world is still shaking off the hangover from last week's mess.

Tokyo, London, Shanghai... all were down sharply in a delayed reaction to Friday. And perhaps the record rise in oil prices.

But this morning, Green Energy Resources (GRGR.PK) popped 18.75%. It has almost recovered to our entry price.

That's the nature of these micro-cap options - er, stocks.

They really do behave like options. The good news is that they don't expire like options. Unless the company expires. Of course that is always a possiblity.

GRGR is a tiny company. But we think it's onto something: turning wood chips into biomass energy. Wood chips burn as hot as coal... emit far less pollutants... can be burned in coal plants... and use recycled wood products.

GRGR has developed and is perfecting technology to convert wood chips into burnable biomass on a grand scale. Even if it doesn't become a leading producer, it could sell the technology... or sell the whole company to a bigger suitor.

Plus the company is making inroads and overtures to the Chinese and European energy markets already, further increasing its value.

Let's keep an eye on this one. If it somehow soars on us, we might take profits quickly and re-enter the position at a later time. You have to move fast in these markets with micro-cap positions.

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