Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bunge Trips... As Expected

So Bunge is trading down this morning...

No big shocker there (why is it that stocks always go down at first after you add them to your portfolio?).

But I have to agree with Jim Cramer, who, despite all his rantings, strikes me as a pretty smart guy.

This morning, the Mad Money Man reported that he sees absolutely "no reason" for today's pullback in BG's share price... and that he expects it to resume its upward trend posthaste. He compared it to a recent "random dip" in Nokia shares that represented a short-window buying opportunity.

As Cramer writes:
"Today Bunge is down almost two bucks. There is no real reason for that decline. Deere is running. Mosiac and Agrium are running. Bunge will come right back."
Hallelujah, Jimbo! We here at Green Investments couldn't agree more.

If he's right, and we're right, then we stand to lock in some nice gains as this seed company rides the continuing bull market in commodities. Remember, we bought the outlying April 2008 options, giving us plenty of time to be correct in our assessment.

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