Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How We're Beating the S&P 500

Earlier today, our shares of CECO were trading 17% above our entry point from just a few days ago... And overall the portfolio's doing fairly well. Since we launched the SRI Portfolio back on December 26 with good old, donkey-slow KEPCO, the S&P has risen about 1.06%, while our "socially responsible" portfolio is up 14%!

It's very, very early. But the idea behind this blog is to see if green investments -- and socially responsible investing in general -- can provide market-beating returns for those of us who are getting a bit tired and bored of funding cigarettes, chemical plants, strip mining, booze and Big Oil.

Not that I have a problem with investors making their money where they can, when they can. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and you must protect yourself and your assets first and foremost.

But considering that we are, at least for the moment, beating the S&P more than 10 times over with our little portfolio of nifty, helpful and innovative SRI companies, it's nice to know we have a choice.

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