Thursday, January 4, 2007

3 out of 4 Positions Profitable

Only SLUP is lagging, but not by much...

Right now, three our of our four basic positions are profitable, up a combined 5.92%, including Bunge, KEPCO and CECO, which we added just yesterday yet is off to a good start, up 2.56%. SLUP is trading at $1.45 from our $1.50 entry point, and is dragging on the overall return at the moment, but you may have noticed that microcaps like this can seesaw 10% or more in a single day.

That's the kind of volatility you reserve for a small portion of your portfolio.

At some point, I'll talk about a position-sizing program we will start using with these picks, so you can categorize them and allocate sensibly if you care to.

In other news, our speculative calls on KEPCO have not seen movement, but wait until we get a bit closer to strike. The great likelihood is that they'll expire worthless, but if KEP continues marching higher, things could get very interesting, and it will happen very suddenly. Again, with the Asian boom still well underway, this company's location right in the heart of it -- and its reach into China's alternative energy and possibly nuclear markets -- make it a nice speculation. Meanwhile, it's monopoly over the South Korean power market makes it a nice, solid utility to own as a basic part of the portfolio.

Keep watch.


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