Saturday, November 10, 2007

Green Investments Weekend Edition... GRGR's 5% pop... Rugby Return... Visiting Austrailians... And the "Boat Race"

The good news:

Our Green Energy Resources (GRGR.PK) play bucked the Frankenmarket this week and bumped up more than 5.8% in Friday's session. Why? It's a short, sweet story.

Remember that when we recommended GRGR we talked about the company's expanding presence in the European and Chinese markets.

European regulatory schemes are playing right into this little company's hands, and Green Energy company just announced that it has secured 2 more sizable shipments to Europe.
"Nov 9, 2007 - Green Energy Resources (Other OTC:GRGR.PK - News) has landed two contracts to supply woodpellets to European power producers. The contracts total 110,000 tons through 2008 and have a total value of $19 million. Export shipments are underway. The company expects 4th qtr revenues in the $2-5 million range."

To read the full report, go here:

Considering that these two contracts are more than twice Green Energy's total market capitalization, you can see the potential for growth here is great, no?

Green Energy, as you'll recall, produces wood pellets that can burn in coal-fired plants, reducing emissions, and taking advantage of the ONLY renewable energy resource that can be transported.

Keep buying...

Why We Love Australia... And Australians

Green Investments is officially long Australia. Not only does an old friend live and work there now (also in the investment business)... it's also where the America's Cup was... ahem.

Now we have another reason to love Australia. At the moment we have a house guest who is Australian. He's also one of the world's premiere rugby players (a #8). This gent is visiting with his girlfriend, a Quebecor and fellow rugger (and a cute one at that).

So we've been talking about rugby, and playing some rugby. And then tonight I learned a whole new language: Cockney rhyming slang.

Used by the criminal underground (which explains why my friend knows about this language), Cockney rhyming slang was developed to throw off the coppers. So instead of saying you've put some SPF 30 on your "face"... you say: "I already slapped some SPF 70 on muh boat race." Boat race is the Cockney ryming slang term for face.

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