Friday, November 23, 2007

Green Energy Soars 30.7% in One Session

Dear hearts,

Today Green Energy Resources rallied 30.7%. This is one of our Green Investments that, for some reason, has dogged since we added it to the portfolio. Despite tremendous news on all fronts, this stock has suffered with the volatile markets.

But today was good news.

Frankly, we still believe this stock has tons of upside. It's scoring contracts that are well beyond its entire market cap (admittedly, a small number). And it's riding two very powerful and converging trends: commodities and cleantech.

There will be more to come on this front. If only the markets could get themselves in order for a whole week, we might see some of our positions rally before the Dec.25 date that is both Christmas... and the 1-year anniversary of this blog's birth.

Thanks for sticking with us... and reading Green Investments.

Please feel free to send comments, ideas, gripes, philosophical observations and vague proclamations to this blog and join the fun.

Happy holidays,



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