Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Green Investments Cleantech Pick On the Way

I'm researching cleantech right now looking for the perfect play for a volatile market. This area could yield some good nuggets.

What I'm zeroing in on right now are companies with hefty public contracts. In other words, cleantech companies that will get paid even if a recession hits - or if the markets crash.

While the stock might dip, regardless, it shouldn't crater, in the event of a broad market turndown. If a pullback hits suddenly, companies without fundamentals will feel it the most (if you need a reminder of this phenomenon, just look back to the tech wreck of 2000).

Till then, good day. And hello to our new friends at http://agreenearth.blogspot.com/, an excellent website (with some pretty nice artwork, too) on all aspects of living green and having fun.


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