Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our SRI Portfolio Is Up 89%

I've got good news and bad news... The bad news is that Starbucks just dipped under our entry price. The good news is that our SRI Portfolio is up 89% on the year, including all wins and losses and open trades.

Bunge (22%) and LDK Solar (85%) are leading the charge, and our weakest laggard is NMR, down about 15% from our entry price.

Overall we are of course beating the S&P 500, with all green positions, which is the stated goal of this blog. Soon I will give a detailed breakdown of our recommendations from inception of the blog so we can compare it fairly with the S&P.

The numbers here are roughish estimates and must be corrected/fine-tuned for entry dates, closed positions, and the like. Considering that we have several sizable options winners in our track record, our performance number might actually rise a little bit relative to the S&P.

Precise details to come. Meanwhile, let's continue holding. When the market stabilizes a bit... with three successive days of flat or positive price action, we'll consider adding our next play to the portfolio.



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