Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Solucorp Update... The Spamalot Files

Dear reader,

Solucorp has turned into a soap opera that almost defies belief... The SEC has now suspended trading of 35 companies in connection with spam emails that apparently hyped said companies based on erroneous or false information about their financials.

Solucorp was one of the companies whose traded was suspended (on March 7).

Tomorrow, the stock resumes trading once again... and we'll be watching it closely.

I must add that now that the audited financials have come out from 2004, and unaudited financials from 2005, that the basic business was not strong as of 2 years ago. This was impossible to tell when we recommended the company, which illuminates the difficulties of trading in the pink sheets...

Again, we have forever banned pink sheet stocks from Green Investments going forward... live and learn.

That's not to say we couldn't see Solucorp go on a little run after resuming trading... and if it does, we'll watch closely... and close out our position as soon as it makes sense.

I noticed our BG options rallied 37% today... so all the news isn't bad.

Steer straight,


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