Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Portfolio Update, Post-Fed

Okay, Bernanke did what everyone's been expecting for weeks... nothing.

And good for him.

The broad markets rallied nicely, and especially our holdings. Bunge is toying with $80 levels, which would put our April options in the money and let us close out the remainder of our position with a nice gain.

Here's a look at the current portfolio. I will break down all the numbers and our track record since the inception of the portfolio soon. For now, you can see that CECO is our clear champion.

BG 12.13%
BGDP.X 63.33% (today) 4.26% (overall)
CECE 74.36%
KB 23.93%
KEP (-7.81%)
NMR 6.84%
SLUP.PK (-14.67)

More to come.


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