Friday, December 29, 2006

Remove Trailing Stop from Solucorp

Today I'm doing something I probably shouldn't do... but I have a gut feeling here... We're removing the trailing stop from Solucorp.


Because this stock is volatile. Extremly so. Plus it's trading so far below it's historic high of $8.50 set back in August 1996 - and our position size is so small - that we can afford to let this one ride for awhile.

Let's just see what happens here... Once some news hits of the company's coal-scrubbing tests (with a major global energy producer's working plant), and the other triggers are hit in January, we could be in for a very fun ride.

If something unforeseen happens and the stock simply hits the skids and goes down for the count, we'll dump it.

Till then, mind our other stops,


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