Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On the Radar Screen

The markets were active today, and both of our picks got off to a nice start. Hey, it's been just one day, and our portfolio is 100% successful! No losers!

Just kidding.

We'll have another pick to add to our Evergreen Portfolio soon. I'm looking at a very intersting little company that makes a drug the U.S. government desperately wants to stockpile. A colleague of mine who is very good is recommending this little drug company now. It could protect people in the case of some kind of nuclear attack or accident. We think that would be a good thing.

We could also be adding some more commodity plays to the portfolio if we can find good ones... No strip miners, coal, or petro companies to be sure. But perhaps more innovative producers or processors of agricultural commodities would make some sense. Commodities have been savaged this year, and the shiny luster has worn off.

As Jim Rogers told me a couple years ago when I talked to him on the phone: the dips in this commodity bull market will be rather breathtaking. Same with pullbacks in China stocks. But in both cases, Jim says he's buying. Makes sense to me, and his track record speaks for itself.

More to come.


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