Thursday, December 28, 2006

Update on KEP and BG

The markets were flat today, having sold off a bit... both our positions are still up, and Bunge surged another 1.27% to close at $73.12. I should say that KEP is the kind of company that will ride a surge in the market, and isn't likely to take off soaring on its own, breaking away from the pack at any time. These are both steady plays. So we'll sit tight and let our trailing stops do their work.

We have almost three months to go on our $25 KEP calls... It's not terribly likely they will catch fire, but if they do, it could be good.

More to come...


Portfolio Summary

BG: Trading at $73.12... Recommended at $72...
KEP: Trading at $22.78... Recommended at $22.60...
KEP Calls: Trading at .15... Recommended at .15

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