Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sell Remaining KEPCO Options

Sell the remaining KEP options... We've already locked in 33% and 66% gains along the way here... to take a 66% loss on the remaining 1/4 of our original position is better than letting the calls expire worthless... Sell em now. On average we're booking gains of about 40% on this position -

In other news, our CTEX stock has remained above the trailing stop... after flirting with our trailing stop for almost a week. This play on carbon credit brokerage could enjoy a news-related bump over the next several months as Davos ripples into the media and the culture. We're still below the waterline here, but sit tight. And do mind the closing price here. Again, if it closes below 40%, we'll be selling next morning.

Good trading,


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