Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Lemmings Are Sprinting

As I write, the S&P has sold off 23 points and is down 1.5%... and the Nasdaq's getting hit even harder... down 2.2% today.

Last night, I said the lemmings were in their starting blocks and aimed right toward the sea...

Today all they needed was the "starting gun" of a terrorist attack in Afghanistan to explode out of the blocks.

Who knows where the market will go from here. We are not strict market timers here. But we will wait until some stabilization to recommend out next play, whether it's a stock, green fund, or perhaps some super hot 10-year treasuries.

What we'll be looking for is something conservative... but not a "scaredy-cat" reaction to the coming market cool-off... A good sector play... something basic... something fundamental to human survival... something that pays good dividends, perhaps, and gives us simultaneous exposure to commodities and a greener world.

More to come... Till then, sit tight... and watch the fireworks. We're also monitoring CTEX closely here... It will probably stop out today. Don't sell until I give the order...


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