Sunday, February 11, 2007

CTEX and our Trailing Stop

CTEX has been acting like a sick fish lately, circling the tank haphazardly despite some good news pertaining to new agreements and the Chinese carbon credit market. I'll update you on this news soon, but for now just keep an eye on the stock. It's still hovering at 0.0060... and if it closes at 0.0042 or below, we'll sell the next day. Right now CTEX is at 0.0060.

Here's the original recommendation, to give you some context with where we're at with this play...

"Speculators ONLY: Add Cemtrex (CTEX.PK) to the portfolio at .0070, and place a trailing stop under this at 40%, meaning we'll sell if it closes under .0042 at any point going forward."

Again, we still expect CTEX to bounce, but these are the pink sheets after all.

Hang loose,


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