Monday, December 24, 2007

A Very Special Green Investments

Well, here we are... one day before Christmas. Oh yes, they call this Christmas Eve.

After today's short session, we can officially call it one year since I began writing this blog. We've had our ups (big winners on Bunge options, riding the LDK Solar explosion to 90%-plus gains in a matter of weeks)...

And we've had out downs (just about every penny or OTC stock we've added to the portfolio).

Along the way, we've stuck to our guns on the trailing stop. And sometimes, as with Starbucks, we've done it just KNOWING the stock was about to rebound. But that's emotion talking... that little twinge I feel seeing that SBUX has rallied over 3% since we sold? That's not logic - that's pure blood-boiling, bug-eyed madman talking there...

And that's the kind of nonesense that most certainly will get you creamed in the markets fast. So we sell, we take out 25% lump on the coconut... and we move on.

Now... here's the thing...

Soon we will tally up how our portfolio has done versus the S&P 500 over the past 12 months. I honestly have no idea, although I am assuming we're going to come out a bit ahead when we tally all our closed positions.

When we tally our closed and open positions, it'll get a bit more dicey, but I'm still confident we'll be okay especially with the strong rally in PZD and even Rio Tinto the last few sessions.

My point is, let's see where we are after tomorrow. Meanwhile, love and blessings be on you and yours. We're in Rochester, New York tonight - where we should be on Christmas Eve. There is snow outside our Holiday Inn. We're heading to my Sisters for some cinnamon rolls and coffee and to catch up with family long missed.

Tonight, let's not talk anymore of stocks or profits or dollars or the economy.

Let's go have some fun... with the people that count. And if you're alone - well, would you mind tallying up how we've done this year? Just kidding.

Merry merry,



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