Monday, March 16, 2009

Global Warming - the $750 Billion Prize

A very worthwhile new article in the International Herald Trib details the current state of green investing in Europe - and to some degree, globally.

It's not surprising that wind-power is cited as one of the most resilient subsectors of the green space.

And it reminded me of, well, how profitable it's going to be for businesses that will spearhead the fight to contain global warming.

The article points out that an estimated $750 billion will be made between now and 2016. That's more than $100 billion a year for the next seven years.

And considering that huge chunks of that will go to some very small startup firms, in some cases, the gains for investors could be sizable.

There will be a ton of flame-outs along the way. Just as with any truly revolutionary, game-changing transformation (like the Internet revolution)... there will probably be a lot more losers than winners.

But identifying those winners is exactly what we're about. And to that end, I plan on having our first recommendation posted later this week.

Especially if the markets can maintain some stability.

Good investing,


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