Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our First New Pick: Xcel Energy

Well, Green Investments readers... my fellow long-suffering, patient friends...

It's finally time.

We are ready to unveil our first NEW pick to kick off the Green Investments recovery portfolio.  
Yes, we believe the bottom is in for the stock market.  We could be wrong. 

We have been wrong before.

And let me be clear: We are not market timers.

But I have been waiting for the right window to restart our portfolio.

And I've been searching high and low for the right company to get us started.

As you probably know, I am pretty big on green infrastructure plays.  These would be companies poised to make a killing on the transformation of our energy and transportation infrastructure... our waste treatment systems... and the like.

Today we have identified a tremendous company that's already beginning to create the coming Smart Grid in states like Colorado.

That company: Xcel Energy (XEL).

Right now, this innovative company is developing something it calls SmartGridCity.  This internet-based infrastructure project is allowing 10,000 citizens of Boulder (a great city, where my Buddhist buddy Karl lives) to control their electrical usage via computer.

In other words, if they want to let their clothes dryer run only when wind power is most abundant, they can make it so using their home computers, by tapping into SmartGridCity.

This Xcel project in Boulder is, in fact, the biggest and most comprehensive Smart Grid project of its kind in America.  Considering the billions Obama has flowing toward Smart Grid already, we're confident that this leg-up on the competition will put Xcel in position to pocket a good deal of the coming profits going forward.

I'll have a more detailed analysis of Xcel in an upcoming Green Investments.  For now, let's take some action:

Action to Take: Add Xcel Energy (XEL) to the portfolio at $18.34.  Use at 35% trailing stop to protect your principal and your profits.

Good investing,